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The available types of cars at an auction will very. No particular car is guaranteed to be there because depending on the auction, the cars will come from various places. Government agencies, like police or FBI, auctions will get their cars from law enforcement related deals like impounds or seizures, or other places. Government auctions sometimes come from selling old government vehicles. Bank related auctions get their properties from repossessions. So the places the property comes from will vary and thus the selection will vary. However thanks to websites like the one promoted here you can sign up and research what auctions are available, where and when they will take place, and you can browse the available stock to see what types of cars there are. Then you pick a few, go to the auction and check them out, then bid your price on them. The beauty of buying at an auction is the prices. Often times cars are sold for half their blue book value, or even less. The process to buy from an auction is a bit more involved, but to save that much money is worth the time and effort. So buying an older car can be economic saving you money in both costs and gas, and it can help the environment at the same time. Good luck with your auction pursuits!

Depending on how long you have been driving, you will probably have had at least one car you have wanted to sell, and if you have ever tried to sell a car, you will certainly understand the minefield that is the used car market. There are many reasons why you may think to yourself ’I want to sell my car’; perhaps you want to buy a newer, or better, car; perhaps you have developed an environmental conscience and wish to ride a bike, or take public transport; or perhaps you simply need to raise a little capital in a short space of time, and think that selling your car would be the perfect way to do so. Selling a used car can take time and money. If selling privately, there are the associated costs of advertising, which can reach in excess of £150 if the car is advertised with a coloured photo. There is also the time involved, it is unlikely that the first person who views the car will take it, and so, more often than not, multiple viewings are necessary, these take up valuable free time and can be a great inconvenience. Alternatively, if selling with a dealership, it is unlikely that you will receive a good price for your car.

Check out at least 10 different cars that fall within your price range before making a decision. Take a friend or family member who is knowledgeable about cars to look at them and test drive each car. They will notice things that might otherwise be missed by you or a car buying novice. Test Drive Your Top Three One More Time. Make sure you ask any and all questions you may have about the vehicle, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. Asking about how many previous owners there were, if it has been in any accidents and what the damage was, have any major parts been replaced or rebuilt, has anyone smoked in the car, or anything else you want to know is a fair question. Do Your Research. Simply knowing the value of the car you are interested in is not enough. Still check out the Blue Book value, but also find out common maintenance problems with cars that are that make, model, and year. Check out the CarFax report on the particular car you are thinking of buying to make sure it was properly maintained and not in any serious accidents. Make sure that if you are looking at Mitsubishi cars and one has been in an accident, they replaced broken parts with genuine Mitsubishi parts.

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Under Carriage: Previous collision damage – Body work is one thing but repairs to the car’s frame or other under carriage elements should be a concern. While usually good such repairs can raise safety concerns in the future as well as affect the car’s overall life span! Rust – Rust can be a problem for any car. Cars that were located in humid areas or near the ocean should be of considerable concern for the fact that rust could lead to needed repairs of the exhaust system and other important frame elements. Test drive: Car handling – Many people when driving a car will only catch the obvious issues. There are many small but very important things that can happen during a test drive though that will indicate if the car is in good condition and running as smoothly as it should. Sounds – One of the best ways to tell if things are right is by the sounds the car will make during different performance tests. Unless you are an expert you will probably not pick up on most of these as they can easily be masked by the overall sound of the motor or road noise. To get safe you need to have motor vehicle inspection.

Question: Why are you selling the car? The answer to this question might not impact your decision, but it is a good idea to have the answer. Lets look at it this way, would you rather buy a car from someone who decided to upgrade to get more room for their kids or someone who says they wanted something better? Many sellers tend to answer this question quickly and on impulse so you should get an honest answer. Question: Can I come look at the car and take it for a test drive? If you are asking all of these questions over the phone or via email, you will want to ask this important question. It is always recommended that you take a vehicle for a test drive before deciding to buy. Just because a car looks good, it doesn’t necessarily mean it runs good or will be comfortable for you to drive. Run in the other direction if a seller keeps making excuses. The car might not run or they might not even have a car to sell (common with online scammers).

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Many cities have a location where they have used cars for sale, frequently through government auctions. Some of these cars have been repossessed, some have been confiscated by the police, some have been abandoned, who knows. The government has assumed clear title on these cars, and about once a month, or depending on how quickly their lot fills up, they will place these vehicles up for sale. If you are a person who does not have much wisdom about cars, it would be prudent to check around among your friends/relatives to find someone who could go with you to the sale. In many cases, the day before the sale, the yard will be open for a couple of hours, and then the day of the sale, open early, so that you can walk through the cars and check out cars that might interest you. Once the bidding starts, they will pull a car up to the staging area and take bids. If you are the winning bidder, you must be able to pay a certain percentage down right then. This depends on the sale. (You will want to get the information ahead of time). Usually they will give you a day or so to come up with the rest of the money. They do not provide financing there. Good luck in searching for a car.

Ford Focus vs Chevy Aveo 3D vs. Honda Civic 5D ==> Imagine that you are planning to choose between 3 hatchback models: Ford Focus, Chevy Aveo 3D and Honda Civic 5D. All of them available at local dealership but you still thinking what option to choose. To tell you the truth I am not trying to sell you any of that models, this is just some steps to go through I would like to suggest you. While having almost the same dimensions (Ford Focus: the 4337 mm long, 1839 mm tall, 1497 mm high, Chevy Aveo 3D: the 3920 mm long, 1680 mm tall, 1505 mm high, and Honda Civic 5D: the 4256 mm long, 1765 mm tall, 1460 mm high) the biggest luggage capacity you have with Honda Civic 5D. Honda Civic has the biggest engine volume (1799 cc), and Chevy Aveo 3D has the smallest one (1498 cc). You find the following for the engine power parameters: 86 php for Chevy, 100 php for Ford Focus and 140 php for Honda. Honda Civic 5D is the best choice in terms of engine power. Why I am speaking about the engine power? It’s the main factor for the top speed available for your car. According to the open data, Ford Focus has the lowest fuel consumption for all regimens. Comparing Honda Civic and Ford Focus, the last one is more competitive in terms of saving costs for gas.

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